Theta Chi Housing Corporation Member Portal

Create a Member Account Instructions (You have 2 Options for Setting Up)

Please understand that your Landlord is Theta Chi Realty Corp ("Realty Corp"), Alpha Iota Chapter Members and the Alpha Iota Alumni Association all contract to use a bill payment company known as OmegaFi for leases, members dues and alumni dues. They are officed out of Columbus, Georgia and have no affiliation with Theta Chi other than to process our payments, store and provide a way to electronically sign leases and provide a bill payment system. All three groups, The Members, Theta Chi Realty Corp and Alpha Iota Alumni, use OmegaFi  for these online activities which has made it easy to communicate with the Members, Alumni and Realty Corp for each of their perspective functions.  With that said, below is how you need to login to your Realty Corp OmegaFi site when the leases are published for the Members to create their Realty Corp Account and the Members and their Parent/Guardian are to electronically sign them through our OmegaFi account.

[Please be aware that payments for the Realty Corp that are made accidentally to your OmegaFi Member's account will not transfer or be paid for your Security Deposit or Room and Board payments and will make you in default on your lease which could have you removed from the house for non-payment of rent to the Realty Corp. It has happened to your brothers and this notice is to help you understand how to pay to the Realty Corp account and how important it is to follow directions here]

OPTION 1: Within 24 hours of publishing a Member's (also referred to as Student) housing lease with Theta Chi Housing Corporation ("Realty Corp") the Student will receive an email from OmegaFi prompting them to respond to the email to log in to the Realty Corp OmegaFi site and create a new account. Again, our OmegaFi site Login is different from your Member OmegaFi Login for your chapter dues. This OmegaFi Realty Corp login EMAIL ADDRESS must be different than your Member's OmegaFi EMAIL LOG IN Account log in or you will have troubles accessing your lease with the Realty Corp to electronically sign and for future Room and Board payments. Please remember/save your Realty Corp OmegaFi EMAIL username and login password for future use.

Hopefully the Member sees their email invite from OmegaFi because this is the best Option for Creating your Realty Corp OmegaFi Account. Once you are in the site do the following:

A. Sign in with a different EMAIL ADDRESS user name and password then your Member OmegaFi Account Log in,

B. You will see where you have a contract waiting to sign and electronically sign the lease. Once you have filled in your information, checked the boxes and electronically signed it will ask you to forward to your parent/guardian for their information and guarantor signature then, 

C. Have Parent/Guarantor electronically sign in and execute the lease to have it be completed for the Realty Corp

D. The Realty Corp will get notice you have fully executed your Room and Board Lease. The Realty Corp will notify OmegaFi to post your $800 Security Deposit which is due upon the lease signing on your Realty Corp OmegaFi account. We will shortly thereafter have OmegaFi post your upcoming Room and Board payment due. It may take a few days to get posted on your account so please keep checking for payments due. There are penalties for late payment of both the Room Security Deposit and for the Room and Board payments if not paid when due.

OPTION 2: Contact OmegaFi at 800-276-6342 for help instruction to log into your Realty Corp Account for the lease signing and payments. 

[Again if Option 1 is not successful please go to Option 2]


The Student can invite their Parents to access their Realty Corp OmegaFi Account for Room and Board Payments.

Once logged in, you’ll see your dashboard. From here, you will click “Invite Your Parents.” This will allow parents to

create a username and password in order to view the member’s account.


Once your parent or guardian has received the account linking email, they will accept the invitation. If they have not set up a username for your chapter account, they will select option 1- “Create a New OmegaFi Login. (They will need your member account number). If they already have a username and password for your chapter account, they will select Option 2. Once signed in, they’ll enter the housing corporation account number.

Member Housing Payments

OmegaFi Log-In for Leases and Payments

For Realty Corp Member Login, Contract Signing assistance and Payments

Call OmegaFi at: 800-276-6342

You can make Payments via e-check, credit/debit card electronically through the OmegaFi website by pushing the Pay Room and Board button above or mail directly to:

P.O Box 84076
Columbus, GA 31908

Member Housing Contract Log-In

Create an OmegaFi Realty Corp account (not the same as the OmegaFi Log-In for your Chapter payments). See Instructions to Create Member Account above. Keep your assigned Realty Corp OmegaFi number and log-in information for future access to the Realty Corp lease and payment information. Remember this Log-in information for the Realty Corp Leases and Payments. Ignore Third Party Access it has no relavence to the sign into your account or parent access.

Personal Room Instructions and Resources

Housing Agreement Rules and Regulations

Theta Chi Realty Corp House Rules & Fines

Every member of Theta Chi Fraternity represents the Fraternity and Alpha Iota Chapter at all times in all ways through his behavior. Respect of self, others and the physical facility of the Chapter House and Fraternity property is essential to preserve and enhance the principles and values of Theta Chi.


Each member is responsible not only for himself, but also for his guests on or about the Chapter House. In addition, the Student Organization, and each member, as a member of the Student Organization, is responsible for ensuring compliance by all members with these Rules and Regulations.


Each member shall comply with all applicable laws, codes, ordinances, rules and regulations of the State of Indiana, Monroe County and the City of Bloomington, the rules and policies of Indiana University, the Constitution and Bylaws, Risk Management, Standards and Insurance Manual and other standing rules and policies of Theta Chi Fraternity, the rules and policies of the Corporation and the rules and policies of the Student Organization.

The illegal use of alcohol and the possession, storage or use of illegal drugs are not permitted anywhere on the Chapter House premises at any time.

The possession, display or use of firearms or similar weapons or explosive devices are not permitted anywhere on the Chapter House premises at any time.

No flammable fluids or explosive materials of any kind shall be brought onto, stored or used anywhere on the Chapter House premises at any time.

No smoking is permitted in the building or within eight feet (8’) of any entrance to the building on the Chapter House premises.

Members must not tamper with or damage the fire, security or other life safety systems or devices (including without limitation, fire alarms, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers or security cameras) of the Chapter House.

No use of candles or use of any other type of open flame within the building on the Chapter House premises is permitted. The one exception to this rule is the use of candles during and in accordance with the nationally recognized ritual ceremonies of the Student Organization, provided a working fire extinguisher is within close proximity.

Activities, conditions and all items that might be hazardous to life, limb or property are expressly prohibited.

Verbal, physical or sexual harassment, hazing or other offensive behavior, directed at any member, any officer, employee or contractor of the Corporation or any guest on or about the Chapter House is expressly prohibited. Fighting shall not be tolerated.

No more than two (2) invited guests per member shall be allowed at the Chapter House at any one time. Open invitation events at the Chapter House are not permitted.


No alterations are to be made to the Chapter House, including the personal Student rooms and first floor common areas (inside or outside of the Chapter House), without the prior written consent of the Corporation. Wallpaper, attached flooring, attached wall covering/paneling, and painting are not permitted. Nails, screws, hooks and other means of hanging items on walls, doors or other surfaces of the building are not permitted. However, the Corporation will permit the Student to reasonably mount or hang pictures or mirrors in his room, but the Student, at his own cost and expense, shall remove such pictures or mirrors and repair the walls upon vacating the room.

No additional locks or other similar devices shall be attached to any door, closet, cabinet or window without the Corporation’s prior written consent. If consent is received, Student must provide the Corporation with the key or combination to such locks.

No machinery, equipment, heating devices, air conditioners, illumination devices, liquid filled beds or cooking devices are permitted in the personal Student rooms other than items provided by the Corporation and except for electric lights and one (1) frost-free refrigerator of 5 cubic feet or less per room, provided the electrical capacity of each outlet is not overloaded.

Only installers approved by the Corporation may install telephone, Cable TV, internet or other wiring or cables in the Chapter House. No TVs or sound systems will be affixed to the walls without prior written consent of the Corporation. The sharing of lines between rooms may be permitted only if installed by Corporation-authorized installation technicians. Students or other members of the Student Organization may not do or cause to be done any electrical wiring or plumbing, and extension cords between rooms is prohibited. Student shall not overload the electrical system serving the Chapter House.

No furniture, fixture, equipment or accessory belonging to the Corporation or Student Organization is to be removed from the Chapter House or from any room within the Chapter House. The dining room furniture, conference room furniture and formal living room furniture shall remain in their respective rooms. At NO time are they to be moved outside or in any other room for any reason without the express permission of the Corporation. Lofts, rugs, window coverings and closets in personal Student rooms shall remain in their designated rooms and if attached, shall not be moved. Legacy items (such as trophies, composites, plaques, etc.) displayed in the common area shall not be tampered with, removed, or moved.

No pets (kept living organisms of any kind) may be kept either temporarily or permanently in the Chapter House or on the Chapter House premises. The one exception will be fish tanks of 10 gallons or less that are required for a specific class requirement, provided Student informs the Corporation in writing.

Storage of bicycles, athletic equipment, scooters, sleds, or other personal property is to be maintained in designated areas only. Sidewalks, doorways, stairwells and driveways are for ingress and egress only and may not be used for storage or loitering. Fire regulations prohibit the storage of any items in stairwells or in furnace or water heater cubicles/closets.

Students should conserve energy and not waste water by leaving faucets running for unreasonable lengths of time or use excessive electricity, heat or air conditioning.

The pouring of grease, oil or foreign matter of any kind into toilets, sinks or other drains is prohibited.

Sweepings, rubbish, rags, matches, razor blades and other potentially injurious substances must be disposed of properly in trash receptacles.

All trash, garbage (including without limitation, food waste) and debris shall be promptly removed and placed in containers provided for that purpose.

All fire doors, exits, hallways, stairs and paths must be kept clear of obstructions and trash. Common area lighting must be maintained in good working order and illumination of all escape routes and exit signs must be maintained.

No additional blinds, draperies or other window coverings may be placed within the building on the Chapter House Premises. No signs, posters, or pictures shall be permitted on the exterior of, or on the interior but visible from the exterior of, the building on the Chapter House premises. Nothing may be placed on any exterior ledge, sill, steps or porch overhang and no awnings or other items may be attached to the Chapter House. However, the Corporation will permit the temporary attachment of “Homecoming” or “Little 500” banners or displays or similar items as long as such items do not advertise any alcoholic beverages or open party event and are totally removable without damage to the Chapter House.

No radio or telecommunications antenna or equipment or wires may be attached to the exterior of the Chapter House, including the roof.

Access to the roof is strictly prohibited. Only officers of the Corporation, the House Director or Resident/Graduate Advisor and authorized contractors of the Corporation may be allowed on the roof to perform inspections or maintenance and repair of the roof or equipment thereon.

Parking areas and driveways are for use of residents. Automobiles should be parked in designated parking areas. Students must never park in staff parking places, assigned alumni spaces, trash receptacle spaces, or park in such a way as to block such spaces. Violators may be towed without notice at their expense and subject to loss of parking privileges. No washing of vehicles at the Chapter House is permitted. Speeding and reckless operation of vehicles in the parking and driveway areas is prohibited.

No temporary swimming pools, bodies of water, fountains or other water features (including without limitation slip-and-slides or dunk tanks) of any kind, whether self-constructed or professionally constructed, are permitted anywhere on the Chapter House premises.

Members shall not create or permit any noise, vibration, excessively bright or flashing lights, odor or other practice, which might reasonably interfere with other members or their guests.

Common areas of the Chapter House are for the use of all members and their invited guests. Common areas are to be shared by all members. Common areas may have, from time to time, posted special regulations and requirements for their use. Recreational activities shall be conducted only in appropriate areas for such activities.

All members and guests shall observe quiet hours. Quiet hours shall be maintained from 10:00 pm until 10:00 am Sunday through Thursday and 2:00 am until 10:00 am Friday and Saturday (including until 2 am Sunday morning). However, those rooms adjacent to and above the Resident Advisor’s room will at all times respect the Resident Advisor’s desire for privacy and quiet living quarters.

All residents shall be responsible for house jobs assigned to them and the Student Organization shall distribute the house jobs equally and fairly among all its members.

Members should report any damage, unsafe condition, inoperable exit lights or other safety equipment, clogged drains or other conditions requiring correction or repair to the Corporation promptly.


For safety and security reasons the Chapter House is closed at certain times during the academic year and during the summer months. Those times are typically Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, spring break and summer break. The Chapter House follows Indiana University academic year schedule of the closed dates for classes and members shall not have access to the Chapter House during those dates and times and early access must be approved by the Corporation and the House Director.

Storage of personal belongings in the Student’s room is permitted during Thanksgiving break, Christmas break and spring break only if the Student is returning to residency immediately following such break. No personal belongings may be stored at the Chapter House during summer break, and any Student’s personal property remaining in the Chapter House after the Chapter House is closed after finals in May shall be deemed abandoned and the Corporation shall be entitled to dispose of such property without responsibility or liability to the Student.

EXCEPTIONS: No individual member, including any officer of the Student Organization, is authorized to make any exception to these Rules and Regulations. However, temporary exceptions may be granted by the House Director as long as approved in writing by the Corporation President. Approval must then be sent to the Chapter President and the House Director for these exceptions to be honored or allowed. 

AMENDMENTS: The Corporation may amend these Rules and Regulations from time to time as it sees fit. The Student Organization will be notified of any amendments to these Rules and Regulations. These Rules and Regulations, and any amendments thereto, shall be posted on the bulletin board outside the dining room of the Chapter House. The Student Organization will be responsible for this posting. All members and New Members shall comply with the amended Rules and Regulations following the posting thereof.

ENFORCEMENT: The Student Organization shall be primarily responsible for enforcing these Rules and Regulations. The Standards Board of the Student Organization shall be the primary adjudicator for discipline. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Corporation shall remain entitled to take independent action to enforce these Rules and Regulations, and shall be entitled to establish, assess and collect fines for violation of any Rules and Regulations. Fines shall be paid directly to the Corporation. The assessment of any fines shall not affect any other right or remedy to enforce these Rules and Regulations. All rights and remedies of the Corporation are cumulative and not exclusive.

Schedule of Fines

There is to be NO tampering with any of the fire, security or life safety systems, including without limitation, blocking fire doors or evacuation routes, or disabling, altering or obscuring fire alarms, ANY and ALL smoke detectors in the individual Member’s rooms and throughout the Chapter House including posted signage, fire extinguishers, and security cameras.

To be clear there is NO SMOKING ALLOWED in any areas within the Chapter House (including the Member’s rooms and the open center courtyard), no gaining roof access or entering the Chapter House during officially closed time periods.

If a Member(s) commits ANY of these listed offences then the Member(s) responsible shall pay to the Corporation a fine of ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS ($1,000) which is/are due no later than 30 days from the date of the incident. Repeat offenders are subject to expulsion from the Chapter House.

SMOKING IS NOT permitted in the front of the Chapter House, including the front porch area or side yards visible from the North Jordan Avenue. Smoking is permitted 10 feet from the exterior of the house and in the rear parking lot but must be clean of any smoking debris in these areas.

The Corporation may amend the Schedule of Fines from time to time as it sees fit without loss of remedy or demand of said fines.

The Corporation may amend the Schedule of Fines from time to time as it sees fit without loss of remedy or demand of said fines. All Student payment of fines will be through the Corporation login account and due within 30 days of notice of any fines.